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Bringing color and life to
your film-inspired imagery.

Professional Presets for Photographers

For Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw

Noble Presets: Cleanest film inspired presets for photographers

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The Noble Preset was inspired by the rich pastel colors and luminous skin tones of film imagery. Formulated by hybrid film photographers, it offers a bright and airy look while sustaining brilliant color and depth. Tested on thousands of digital images across various camera bodies, the Signature Preset has consistently delivered the cleanest, film-like images with a few simple clicks.




The cleanest film inspired presets for photographers by Noble Presets

The Lookbook

Peruse the Lookbook for incredible before and after transformations from our featured users. Honed by one of the Top Wedding Photographers in the World by Harper's Bazaar, see for yourself how Noble Presets can elevate your digital images to reflect the rich color palette and flawless skin tones produced by film.


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