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Perfect for film-inspired wedding and portrait photography, the Noble Signature Preset consistently applies balanced, rich color and luminous skin tones to digital images. Created for hybrid or digital photographers, this preset emulates the bright and airy look of true film with cooler greens, subtle contrast, and fine-tuned grain - all applied with a few simple clicks. Streamline your workflow even further with the Noble Enhancers (included), offering one-click fixes for a tailor-made editing experience and consistent results across a variety of lighting situations.

Desktop Supported Software: Adobe® Lightroom® 5 or later, Adobe® Camera Raw CS6 or later, Adobe® Lightroom® Classic & CC 1.4 or later

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Included with the Signature

  • One foundational preset, the Noble Signature

  • 16 Enhancers: Pop, Darks Soften, Darks Boost, Whites Restore, Backlight Boost, Greens Soften, Greens Natural, Magenta Neutralizer, Magenta Boost, Tungsten Neutralizer, Grain Off, Grain Boost, Soften Skin Sharpen Edges, Sharpen Boost, Lens Correction Off, Reception Flash

  • Video Editing Tutorial

  • Detailed installation Guide

  • Enhancers Guide - A PDF with tips on how to use them in specific lighting situations.


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Why everyone is switching to Noble



“Been having a lot of fun trying out this preset! When I first took this photo, it took me hours to edit how I liked. Reopening it today, this was a one click edit.”

- Nikki Neswick Photography




Frequently Asked Questions

One of the biggest benefits of shooting in RAW is the ability to adjust your temperature in post. Manually adjusting your Kelvin while you shoot will save you time, but you can achieve the same results when shooting auto white balance and adjusting the temperature to your liking in post.

What type of light does the Noble Signature work best in?

For a film inspired look, we recommend looking for the same clean and even light a film photographer would shoot in. Like with any preset, you will need to make simple adjustments to accommodate different lighting situations (exposure, temperature and tint).

Noble has been tested on thousands of reception and flash images, indoor studios, natural indoor light, full sun, shade, backlighting and have found it applies beautifully and consistently. If you need additional help achieving the look you want with your particular set-up, we would highly recommend utilizing the Enhancers included in your purchase or reaching out to our support team.

How should I expose for the Noble Signature?

We recommend exposing properly for your subjects. If you prefer more contrast and mood, take your exposure down a stop or two and adjust in post to your liking. For a softer, light and airy look, we’d suggest upping your exposure by a stop.

What should my aperature be when using this preset?

Since Noble was created to emulate the look of medium format film, for best results, we recommend shooting as wide open as possible to achieve that beautiful bokeh and depth of field. Depending on the look you want, F 1.2 - F 2.2 is optimal.

Will Noble presets work for me if I don’t shoot film?

The Noble Signature was created by film photographers but it can be used by anyone who shares an appreciation for the incredible color palette and luminous skin tones offered by film. Hybrid photographers have raved about its easy-to-match capabilities, but the preset produces beautiful film-like results for dedicated digital photographers as well.

Does the Noble Signature work on both RAW and JPEG images?

The Noble Signature was created for RAW images, which provide a greater range of adjustment in post-processing. However, you can apply the Signature to .JPEG images and still achieve a similar look with some adjustments.

What program do I need to use Noble Signature Desktop presets?

The preset is compatible with Adobe Lightroom 4 or later, Adobe Lightroom Classic CC and Adobe Camera RAW for Photoshop

What is your return policy?

Due to the nature of downloadable products, all sales are final and we are unable to offer any refunds or returns on the purchase of our presets, grids or gift certificates. Upon purchase, we include a video tutorial on how to use our products for the best results, as well as access to our Noble users Facebook group to help troubleshoot any user errors or issues that may arise.

I lost my presets. How do I download them again?

Email our support team with your order number or email address used upon purchase and we would be happy to send you a re-freshed download link:


One foundational preset

Noble Signature for Desktop

Perfect for film-inspired wedding and portrait photography, the Noble Signature Preset consistently applies balanced color, rich pastels, and luminous skin tones to digital images.

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