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Inspired by film to
elevate your digital imagery.

A completely original preset, the Noble Signature was designed to be the simplest solution for clean, film-inspired images. By offering a single preset as the foundation, Noble delivers the most consistent body of work with a just few clicks.

While most images will only need minor adjustments to white balance and exposure, Noble offers a set of Enhancers that work seamlessly with the Signature preset to provide solutions for even the trickiest lighting situations.

(photo by Michelle Lange Photography)


After nearly a decade as wedding photographers, we can confidently say we've paid our dues on the editing front. Like many, we fell in love with the look of film and, over time, became more dissatisfied with our digital work. We were spending endless hours in Lightroom tweaking presets that still left us feeling like we compromised. We knew there had to be a better solution, and that's when Noble started to take shape. A completely original preset created on a fresh foundation, our core focus was to deliver clean whites, lush greens, bold blacks and luminous skin tones every time.

Our vision for this preset incorporated even the smallest details, like retaining saturation in the lips and softening the harsh nature of digital files. We also wanted more control over poor lighting situations with a preset that didn’t max out the sliders in Lightroom’s Basic Panel.

We can't wait to see how Noble streamlines your workflow, gives you the closest resemblance of film, and breathes new life into your digital images!


Warmly, The Grovers